Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Recruitment Process Outsourcing IT People Consulting addresses the most burning issues of Human Capital faced by the IT industry. It specializes in providing solutions for the human capital assets by partnering with large & small sized corporate and consultants.

Permanent Staffing

With the experience and knowledge combined with a reputation that we are proud of, we time and again deliver the excellence that would exceed your expectations. The IT People recruiting team has years of industry experience and an established record of providing highly competent IT professionals. We maintain a very influential pre-screened database. Using our highly sophisticated scrutiny processes, our staff can respond promptly and perfectly to a company's permanent staffing needs. We interact with all the applicants on a one-to-one basis, and obtain a clear picture of their professional skills and aspirations. In this way we offer you the right candidate for your long-term requirement. We send you resumes and should you opt to make an offer to the candidate, our recruitment team will put forward the details directly to the applicant, negotiate on your behalf, and sort out all queries pertaining to the offer. This turns out to be win-win arrangement.

Contract Staffing

We offer IT Contract consulting services that keep pace with your ever-changing needs. We arrange for IT consultants within the required time frame, and take care of all related paperwork payroll and processes. This provides you the needed flexibility in terms of expertise, experience and duration required - all without the administrative hassles most employers face. We manage the resource on behalf of the clients and attend to HR needs whatsoever during the association of the candidate with the clients.

Ensuring that client's services are delivered uninterrupted, a steady flow of professionals and ramping up in case of exigencies also form a part and parcel of our contract consulting services.